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Postcode 4680 • 2023-11-20 7:14 am

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Australian postcode 4680.

According to the data collected over the last decade, the area encompassing the Australian postcode 4680, which includes the city of Gladstone and its surrounding suburbs, has experienced varied trends in home and business security.

Residential burglaries showed a slight increase in the early part of the decade, peaking in 2013. However, there has been a steady decrease since then, with 2019 registering the lowest number of incidents in ten years. This decrease is possibly the result of increased awareness among residents, as well as the implementation of better home security measures such as alarm systems and surveillance cameras.

Business security, on the other hand, has seen more fluctuations. Incidents of commercial burglaries rose sharply in 2015 and 2016, possibly due to the economic downturn experienced in the area during that period. However, similar to residential burglaries, there has been a significant decrease in incidents since 2017. This could be attributed to improvements in business security systems, as well as proactive measures taken by local law enforcement.

The data also revealed an increase in online scams targeting both residents and businesses in the 4680 postcode. Cybersecurity has become a growing concern, with incidents of online fraud and identity theft showing a steady increase over the last five years. This highlights the importance of not only physical security measures, but also digital security measures to protect sensitive information.

Overall, the trends suggest that while traditional forms of crime such as burglary are decreasing, there is a growing need to address cybersecurity threats in the area. Both residents and businesses are advised to take appropriate measures to ensure their physical and digital security.

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